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EDTC 6343 MTT Practicum

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Date Deliverable    Link to Deliverable

Week 1 

MTT Quiz   
Week 2  Grant Idea Summary  Birch_EDTC6343_Grant_Summary.docx Sounds like a great idea.  I look forward to the development of your "presentation" for the grant.  I think that students will get really involved in this project and that it will catch the eyes of potential donors. Since forensics is so popular with many people today, this project will definitely meet a high interest level.  Be sure to come up with a really catchy title - maybe even have your students contribute ideas.

Week 3 

Case Study A  Birch_EDTC6343_Case_Study_A.docx  
Week 4

PPT Practice Test A

Excel Practice Test A



Week 5 Grant Application Summary   
Week 6 PPT Skills Apps B  EDTC6343_Birch_PPT_practice_test2.pptx  
Week 7

Excel Skills Apps B 

MTT Competencies Study Guide 

Week 8  Grant Application Due  
Week 9 Case Studies Practice B   
Week 10    
Week 11

PPT Skills Apps C

Excel Skills Apps C 



Birch_ Excel_Practice_ C.xlsx

Week 12    
Week 13

Case Studies Practice C

TEDed/Flipped Classroom due 

Birch case study C martinez.docx  
Week 14 Complete Course Evaluation   
Week 15  

MTT Competency Presentation


Review Game for Competency 001: D, G, I


Review Game for Competency 003:A-D




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